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Why Live Streaming?

Streaming events live via the internet is becoming more and more commonplace.


A live stream of a memorial service gives family & friends of the deceased the chance to feel more connected to the important occasion if they aren't able to attend in person.

Anyone with the link to the stream view and listen to the service right as it happens, and pay their respects in their own way even if they can't physically be present



Live streams are also recorded, so you will always be able to look back and reminisce about funny anecdotes or poignant moments, and help preserve your loved one's memory forever.

Why Live Streaming?


Why Us?

The Right Experience

Reliability is key for any Live Stream.

With over 8 years of experience in event videography & film production you can trust you will be receiving reliable and professional service.


The Right Equipment

Fully self sufficient - battery powered equipment & cellular antennae for strong, clear internet connection.


High quality camera & lenses for a excellent picture, even in low light.

Why Us?
Sample Live Stream

Sample Live Stream



Base Package


Funeral Service or Gravesite Burial 

1 Videographer

Up to 1hr live stream

2 Camera Angles

(Additional hours at $100/hr)


Let's talk

39 Sixth Street

New Westminster, BC

Tel: 778-995-3309


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